Monday, April 30, 2018

I don’t think there are any reigning experts on entrepreneurialism in the homeless community. The two topics seem incongruous to be discussing in the same conversation.

But, think about it.  What if a homeless person, somehow, sees a place to travel to from either hurt or complacency? What is there is another path that no one ever thought possible?  This is what we at Real Second Chance grapple with every day. And what is happening is truly eye opening to us.

We are finding a hard core that has just fallen prey to the homeless lifestyle, found out how to exist in it, and are completely comfortable in spending the rest of their days content on living this way. There are others who truly don’t want to be there, but have no support group, no peer group that will push them to do anything but survive where they are. Of this group, there truly are candidates who can make it to becoming entrepreneurs, or at least have the aptitude and potential drive to do it.
These are the people we are beginning to interview, and we are going to show some surprising facts over the next months and years. A life-changing project.  One that we are happy we began.

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