Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Well, we are working with our first candidate who has the mental capacity and toughness to take a shot at creating her own business. Raped at 15, kept the child, now struggling to keep her child fed and clothed, Elena is one of the toughest, most dedicated and principled people, we have ever met.

A little background. Because of her circumstances, Elena was never able to finish high school. She had an unforeseen child to take care of.  But Elena impressed us because when we interviewed her, she had no excuses. She accepted what happened to her. She knew it wasn't her fault, but she has some hidden feelings of guilt that still persist. Instead of begging for help, crying and feeling sorry for herself, she alone stood up, decided to fight for her baby girl, and she was going to make herself a success.

We are now in the design phase about what business Elena could pursue. We have very little doubt about either her intelligence or her desire to fight. Depending on her choice and what we all feel best and sensible to pursue, this may involve more people, more components, etc. We won't know until we complete.

Stay tuned. By the end of July, we will have our first progress report. once we know Elena and we are on the same page, we will introduce her on our website. Right now, she and we need privacy to design and make this happen. In the event we can't come up with a working formula, we don't want Elena exposed. But once she gets going, we want the world to know what a great human being we are all helping.